Heeeey Laaaadeeeyy.. wooooaaa flamagenenen ohhh dont yelll... oh flamoigen ohhh laddddyoh stop with the yellll and the bad tempaar... please no ohhh will you hey ohhh laddddy  WHAT!! hey no with the what I cant understand oh you wooooaaa the anger is ohhh... please with the yelllling  LADDDDDY...  I DONT LIKE THAT NO THAT WOULD BE BAD BECAUSE LADDY WITH THE PHONE IN MY EAR I NO WE WILL SEND YOU A COUPON WOULD THAT BE NICE AND GOOD OOHHHH AGAIN WITH THE YELLLL AND THE BAD LANGUAGE... lADY OHHH ITS FREE YES LADY OH FREE WITH THE MONEY... WOOOOA HAVE I PROVIDED PROPER CARE TODAY OHHH...FFFFFLLLIMOIGEANN
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