Love you baby!
When it is cold outside it is important to make sure that you have a warm Haven to come home to. A comfortable bed with a Hot Honeydew Melloned Babe wrapped in a Cool bedspread can be very satisfying.
Make sure you have the right bedspread and the rest will align.
                                                                - Clampis Clamato / CEO

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                      Mr. Drippy says
   "its ScotchGuard time"

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Please do not read this information as it will reveal that this is actualy a bogus site in which there is no real product to be sold. Just having a bit of stupid too  much time on my hands fun.

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  • Watch out for our next commercial.
Watch out for our next commercial.
Donna - you created a great family and your testament lives on.
Gary - you were my oldest freind and a very funny guy - we all enjoyed your time here - miss you man.
  • How to remove stains - blood/urin/and other stuff like that.
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